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From time to time i`ll upload a few bits to create a little blog from the work that we do here at Swale Locks Locksmiths. We come across a variety of different types of jobs that sometimes is a little bit different to the norm. Enigmas and problem solving is part of being a locksmith and its the part of being a Locksmith that i enjoy very much indeed. Thankyou for stopping by.
Regards.  Peter 

 Me Peter
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Another failed gearbox assembly on a Multi point locking mechanism in Sittingbourne.

We were able to open the door as it had failed when locked. We then were able to identify and replace the gearbox assembly.

The door was left working as it should.

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If your Door hinges look like this then you are probably having difficulty locking & unlocking your door. This could eventually lead to the locking system failing.

Call us for help or advise .

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