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"Common Signs Your Window Mechanisms or Gearbox Needs repairing or Replacing"

Window repair mechanism
Window repair mechanism

Signs and issues that your window mechanism needs replacing or looking at include:

  • Window Misalignment: If your window is not closing properly or is misaligned, it could be a sign of mechanism issues.

  • Difficulty in Locking: Struggling to lock or unlock your window indicates a potential problem with the mechanism.

  • Excessive Drafts or Noise: If you feel drafts or hear excessive outside noise when the window is closed, the mechanism may be faulty.

  • Visible Wear and Tear: Check for visible signs of wear, rust, or damage on the window mechanism components.

  • Broken Handles or Latches: If the handles or latches on your window are broken or not functioning correctly, it may be time to replace the mechanism.

  • Inconsistent Operation: Windows that operate inconsistently or get stuck frequently suggest underlying mechanism issues.

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